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Archived: 5-29-2007

Our Newest Volunteer: Beckie Hansell

All of us here at ESSCLI-Rescue would like to welcome Beckie Hansell to our volunteer staff.

Beckie and her family, husband Al, daughters Leah and Abie, and son Nathanael, adopted Penny in November of 2005. Their family lives in Ambler, PA.

In February, Beckie and the girls joined us at Garden State Specialties in Secaucus, NJ where we sponsor a boutique table and put on a tailgate party for the exhibitors each year. They sold more raffle tickets than anyone in current history. In fact, we EVEN ran out of tickets!!!

Beckie and her friend Carol also joined us at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Specialties in Warwick, Rhode Island; once again, working the crowd with a smile!

Although at this point Beckie doesn’t have a specific job title here at rescue, you will find her doing many different things. When one of our volunteers is away, or needs a hand, Beckie is our “Gal Friday”, taking over their job. She is also the contact person for our latest program, Anne’s Choice Adoptions, a program designed to help place dogs with residents of a local senior community in Warminster, PA. This program was set up by another of our volunteers, Drew Graham.

We welcome Beckie to our midst knowing that she will continue to add invaluable skills for years to come.

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