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In November 2018, this website underwent a major overhaul. As we want to keep most if not all of the old content, we have put them all on this page. So please be aware that some content and links may be outdated or changed. If you’re curious about certain pictures, links, or content on this page, you can email us at rescue@springerspaniel.org and inquire. Enjoy!

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Dedicated to Bob January

A mixed bag of the LATEST NEWS!

Welcome to Kibbles “N’ Bits. This page is dedicated to Bob January. Bob began his love affair with the English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island’s Rescue Program many years ago. He touched the lives of countless Springers and people over 16 years. On October 27, 2006, Bob left us here on earth to continue his work in God’s Garden with all the Springers there.

This page will remain on our website and will always be dedicated to Bob. He started our first website which ultimately brought us to where we are today. Read more about Bob.

Our new page is designed to serve as a “mini” newsletter for all of you who are interested in English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island – Rescue. The beginning section, entitled “Tidbits” will contain information that is current about people, dogs, events, awards, fundraisers or whatever needs to be published. The second section, “The Bones” will introduce you to one of our volunteers (they are the backbone of the organization). This section will change periodically. The third section called “The Gravy” is designed to highlight the gravy on our mission… the happily adopted Springer and his family. This too will change periodically as newly adopted Springers get their day in the spotlight. And of course, we will ALWAYS give you news about those wonderful adoptees who are already members of our extended family. We want a place for all of our Springers to show off! We hope you enjoy this page and find out new and interesting “tidbits” about ESSCLI – Rescue.

This was originally a Holiday card to say thank you to our special rescue volunteers. Every year you give up your lives, your time and your funds to help English Springer Spaniels that need a home.

Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. So because we appreciate you everyday of the year, we decided to make it a permanent feature of the Kibbles’N’Bits page. We want you to know that you are special.

Not all of you are pictured here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you and need you. It just means that we don’t have your picture!

To each and everyone of you, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks for everything that you do, all year long!

(Click on images to view larger versions)

Gini Titterton – Barbara Czarzasty – Ellen Oppenheimer – Tim & Ann George – Pat & Lorraine Smith – Diane Richardson – Doug Richardson – Janice Gierer – Gail Schuljan & Scott Gillis – Fred Pheiffer – Maryellen Pheiffer – Laurie Hildebrandt – Barbara Bobrowich & Susan Jonis – Joy Sarnelli – Jon Webster – Tracy Monahan – Kevin & Carol Dolan – Don Snyder – Karyl Schuldt – Mike & Carol Peterson – Marjorie Silver – Marge Silverthorn

To all of our shining stars:

Thank you!



Send us your stories.

As we expand our website we are always in need of great stories about our rescued English Springer Spaniels. If you would like to email your story to us, we might be able to use it on the website or in an upcoming newsletter. Please include digital photos if possible. All stories are subject to editing by our “Cracker Jack” editors. You may email your stories to rescue@springerspaniel.org. We will TRY to email you back and let you know when your story may be added to either the website or a newsletter. But remember, every one of us who works on the newsletter and the website has at least one other job here in rescue and that doesn’t include the stuff we do to keep our own dogs in kibble, so as a friend from rescue in California signs her emails, we move at the speed of molasses! Have faith, no matter what, your stories ALL matter!

Tons of Fun at the Long Island AKC Canine Experience and ESSCLI’s 21st Match Show

What a glorious day for a dog show! August 10th hailed the arrival of over 20 dog clubs to converge for a special canine experience at St. Johnsland Nursing Center in Kings Park, NY. The event was hosted by the Suffolk County Kennel Club. There were dogs of every breed at Meet the Breed tents. Everyone could participate in fun companion events such as obedience, rally, and agility. There were grooming demonstrations and handling classes. Most fun to watch were the pee-wee and junior handlers showing their dogs. It was a great day, and ESSCLI was proud to be a participant and to hold its annual breed match show at the event. For video coverage of the event, visit www.akc.org/public_education/cee_video.cfm. While viewing, see if you can spot Gail and Marge with Kismet’s Allison Ribbons RA (Alice) walking in front of the ESSCLI tent and Scott Gillis judging junior ESS handlers.

As always, we rely on our dedicated club members who organize and keep things running smoothly. Special thanks to Marge Silverthorn and Gail Schuljan who organized this great event; to Carol and Kevin Dolan who helped set up and took registrations, and most importantly, brought along their grandchildren for the pee-wee and junior showmanship events; to Barbara Czarzasty and Scott Gillis who did a wonderful job judging our sweepstakes, breed, and junior classes; to Gini Titterton, Ann Barile and Joyce Rienzo who did a brisk business at the rescue boutique; to Tracey Monahan who was our hands-on grooming demonstrator. In true springer fashion, we had as much fun as our dogs did! Not to mention the delicious tail-gate that everyone contributed to.

Now on to the winners! We had one of the largest entries in years, providing lots of viewing pleasure for spectators. Scott presided over a lovely entry of 12 puppies in sweepstakes. Best in Sweeps was awarded to Capulet’s Royal Vintage from the 12-18 month puppy dog class. Best of Opposite Sex was Kathy Kirk’s Mimi also from the 12-18 month class. Scott and Barbara co-judged an entry of 6 juniors; Lilly, age 11, was Best in Junior Showmanship. Next, Barbara judged an entry of 15 springers in Breed classes. A hearty congratulations to the winners of our specialty Match Show!


August 15 was HOT HOT HOT!!! And so was the success of the ESSCLI Rescue Garage Sale. The enthusiasm of our rescue workers was contagious and kept us all going strong all day long. The location of Tracey Monahan and Don Snyder’s kennel in Deer Park was perfect. Karen and Joe Markiewiez, Gini Titterton, Gail Schuljan, and Scott Gillis brought boxes and boxes of treasures to the store on Friday. It looked like Don and Tracey were moving because the entire front of the store was filled with boxes several feet high! And then on Saturday morning, even MORE treasures arrived.

Tracey opened the store bright and early so we could set up. Marge Silverthorn arrived with more treasures and Kevin Dolan arrived with more tables and the club tent; thank you Kevin for putting them all up and helping arrange the tables. We were even more thankful when you came back to take them down, we were way too tuckered out to take on that task! Karen, Marge, and Gail welcomed Gini and her two sisters who reside in Massachusetts. It was a pleasure to meet Marianne Gilardi and Joanne Pavoni, and we’re sure they will always remember their day during the dog days of summer trying to raise money for our special springers. It seemed Tracey and her assistants were everywhere all at once! Not only did they seem to be tending the garage sale, but Tracey got in a few groomings and the “kids” ran the store, fed dogs, and rarely took a time out to catch their breath. Anthony and Mary Miracola dropped by with more treasures, but managed to find new ones to replace them with!

Karen did a great job organizing everything, and Don and Tracey were very generous to let us borrow the store for the day. There is always one item at a garage sale that just has to get sold: this year, Karen provided a very spectacular pair of patchwork plaid shoes circa 1975! Marge modeled them accessorized with a fetching red boa and flowing silk scarf. Although we had much interest, including a gentleman who tried them on!, alas, they are still in Karen’s possession. If anyone is in desperate need of a retro pair of shoes, we know where you can get a pair really cheap!

Greetings to one and all.

Let me update you all on the latest and greatest happenings at ESSCLI-Rescue.

On our website, you will see some new pages. Diane and I ~ and many of you ~ have contributed them. First is our Memory page. More than four years ago, we added stories about our rescued Springers. Through the years a number of them have crossed into God’s Garden; and we have added new stories, but not as many as we would have liked. By putting on a separate page, the stories of those who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, we could add new stories to the Heartwarming Rescue page. But that still left us with a lot of Springers who didn’t have a story on the website. We still wanted to honor them and we couldn’t possibly print that many stories. So we added the “Our Rescued Springers” page. This page is comprised of photo albums of our adopted Springers throughout the years. It’s a lot of fun to [browse through]. If you would like to add your photo to the page, please email your photo to rescue@springerspaniel.org. Please make sure to title your photo with your dog’s name (you cannot imagine how many DSC4007 images I have on my computer… and I have NO idea who they are; especially those from over 5 years ago!) Diane and I put the photos on twice a month… around the first and the 15th, so they will get up as soon as the next round goes in.

And on March 1, 2008, we opened a new storefront. We converted THE BOUTIQUE to a real online store. Less than 15 days later we got our first Paypal order. This was a new venture for us, and it works! You, of course, help it succeed! We have been adding items throughout the year. Time to take a look AGAIN and see what new items have been added!

We also created a new section for Kibbles N Bits. This will appear in the GRAVY section. In the last few years, a number of our rescued Springers have appeared in magazines and newspaper articles (and a couple on some websites). Because we have “newsworthy” adoptees, we created a new section just for them. (Pictured on a magazine cover, left, our very own Reggie along with his human pal, Matthew.)

And, we have produced a newsletter online for any of our adopter or club members who want it. This will save us money obviously, but most importantly it will save Marge a lot of time!!!!!!!!!!!! The toughest part right now is email addresses. If you have adopted from us before the year 2000 and haven’t kept in touch via email, we probably don’t have your email address. If you would like us to have it so that you can receive the newsletter, please email it to us at rescue@springerspaniel.org. Marge and I are the only two working on getting this info together right now, so if you have communicated with us recently via email, we probably have your email already. Don’t swamp our computers, PLEASE! And one last thing… Please tell us the NAME that goes with the email address. I love those ones I get that say… MrsWho has changed to MrsWhoTWO… the question is WHO?????????

News from the Dog House

GSA 2009

Another year of the Garden State Specialties has come and gone. This show is put on every year in preparation for The Westminster Dog Show and we are always there with a big show for ESSCLI-Rescue.

This year was a bit like a marathon for Marge and I as we BOTH had our dogs entered on Thursday in the show and I had Rolex entered the other two days. In spite of changing rings and crazy ring times, we managed some decent fundraising and generated a lot of awareness for rescue and its projects.

As we do every year, we hosted two hospitality “feasts” ~ one on Friday and one on Saturday. A grand time was had by all who joined us.

(Left, food table; Right, Douglas! Where would us girls be without his help?!)

Helping out at the Rescue table this year were Lori and Jessie Miller, Cindy and Stephanie Becker and Diane and Doug Richardson.

Lori, Jessie, and Cindy

As always, Diane took some great photos. Once again, we pulled off a fun weekend and hopefully next year we will see even more of you folks joining us as we get everyone spooled up and ready to help host a National Springer Specialty in 2011 in Rhode Island.

A big thanks to all of our helpers from Nanci and Marge!

Slightly Older News from the Dog House

Whoppa Passes the Baton

Once again, this June, English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island-Rescue participated in the Rescue Parade and the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Specialties in Warwick, Rhode Island. Our adopted springers made a wonderful showing and had a great time. This year the weather was stunning, there were no delays, the parade went off without a hitch!

Participating this year from our group were:

Rescue parade participants

BLAISE ~ Becky Stowe ~ Craryville, NY

BAILEY ~ Irwin Family ~ Milford, PA

DOOLEY ~ Kate Griese ~ Princeton, NJ

GUINNESS ~ Doug & Diane Richardson ~ Haskell, NJ

JAKE ~ George, Jeanne & Nicole Ross ~Attleboro, MA

LUCKY ~ Irwin Family ~ Milford, PA

WHOPPA ~ Nanci LaMarque ~ North Yarmouth, ME

WINSTON ~ Susan Hamann ~ Monroe, CT

This was Whoppa’s last rescue parade and his last performance as Grand Marshal. As we took our final walk around the ring to the strains of “We are the Champions”, Whoppa asked Dooley and Kate to join him. Dooley will take over Whoppa’s duties at Eastern. He and Kate were very surprised and very proud!

At the end of the show, we held a retirement party for Whoppa where he was able to show off his career in a poster.

Here are photographs from the 2008 Eastern Rescue Parade. Click on an image to start a slideshow and see larger versions.

See you all next year!

Another year brought us another year at the Garden State Specialties circuit in Secaucus, New Jersey where the English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island sponsored two specialties.

We were able to get in one good day for the rescue boutique and Marge, my husband, Jim and I put together an abbreviated day on Thursday. The volunteers helped Marge and I put on the hospitality tailgate party for the exhibitors on Friday.

The two days combined were a great success… not in the least because of our dedicated volunteers and some very special donations. Thank you to Diane and Doug Richardson, Joy Sarnelli, Lori and Jesse Miller, Beckie and Abi Hansell, Kate and Kristen Griese, Tim George, George Billeci and Barbara Bobrowich.

Without our volunteers, we could NEVER pull these functions off. And a very special thank you also for some REALLY nice donation items from Gail Schuljan and Joyce Direnzo, Cindy Lester, Marie Baglio, and Rob Satoloe.

And also, those of you who read “Kibbles ‘N’ Bits” routinely will probably remember this from last year:

“Greetings again from the “dog house”. And boy am I in the dog house with Rolex. I made a clerical error on my entry to Westminister and he was rejected because of me… No matter how much steak or expensive toys I give him, I still don’t think he will ever forgive me. You see, he knows James (the Best in Show winner) and I think secretly he wanted to be there to congratulate him in person. So anyway, the next time your furkid acts like he’s mad at you, you can feel comforted in knowing that you aren’t the only one!”

Well, guess what folks, this year our very own Rolex made it into Westminster!!!

We are looking forward to a little rest before our next function in June in Warwick, Rhode Island. Hope to see you all there.

It has been quite the summer. In June we participated in the first annual rescue parade at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club Specialty in Rhode Island. You can see our Rescue Parade 2007 pictures here – click on an image to start the slideshow and see a larger version of the images.

My summer was spent landscaping, talking on the phone to many of you, placing dogs in new homes and traveling to dog shows. In August I spent 6 days in Canada with Rolex and Whitney at the New Brunswick Kennel Club shows where we were continually defeated by a pretty little bitch named Chloe who donated all of her food that she won to rescue. Oh and by the way, Rolex donated his winnings also! Then it was off to Cape Cod for 4 more days with spectacular success. Whitney achieved her American Championship!

In just a couple of weeks, we left home for the National English Springer Spaniel Specialty in Lexington, KY. Whoppa joined us this time. Though I was now traveling with TWO champions, Whoppa had the most important task of representing ESSCLI-Rescue in the National Rescue Parade.

We drove to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania together the first day. On my way there, I saw signs for many of the places that I have only heard of from all you New York and Pennsylvania people. Yes, that’s right folks; I have never traveled any further west than New York State.

On our next leg of the journey, we drove straight through to Lexington, arriving at about 5 pm. The green rolling hills of West Virginia were simply beautiful, and the sprawling horse farms just outside Lexington were AMAZING! After visiting with some friends at the hotel — Cheryl DeMarkis, a dear friend and rescue volunteer and supporter, Judy Manley of English Springer Spaniel Club of America, and with Rolex and Whitney’s breeder, Carol — we were off to bed.

The next morning we headed for the show site, The Kentucky Horse Park. What a great place… We were greeted by the former president of the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club wearing his ESSCLI-Rescue polo shirt! After we set up the tent, it was time to visit. There was a booth for English Springer Spaniel Rescue of America with multitudes of rescue items, a booth by Mid-Atlantic, and everyone was SO happy to see Whoppa. We got a chance to watch Whitney’s sister in the ring and checked out the hats that were made for the derby hat competition. This is a picture of the one I made. I didn’t mind its not winning, because all the proceeds went to National springer rescue.

Friday night I attended the ESRA dinner. I cannot tell you how gratifying it was to see all of the breeders and their friends and spouses come together in support of English Springer Spaniel Rescue. The attendance was over and above what ANYONE expected. The auction raised far more than anyone dreamed, and the camaraderie was phenomenal.

Saturday morning the National rescue parade was scheduled for 9 AM. Whoppa was beautiful and set to go when we discovered a power outage. Everybody had to scramble a bit, but the rescue parade was simply delightful and quite a hit. The audience heard a story of each of the 20 participants, and each received a lovely rosette and a bag of “goodies” for both dog and owner. Whoppa won the “long distance” award!

Then it was off to get Rolex and Whitney ready to participate in Best of Breed. But oh, dear! Rolex had gotten sick while I was in the rescue parade. I thought he could make it through the competition, as he’s so spirited he’s done it before. But I was wrong. My poor boy was just too sick to compete. I did go in the ring with Whitney, and she made the top 10. That was truly an honor, but I needed to take care of Rolex and couldn’t savor her triumph for long. Luckily there was a wonderful Springer breeder/vet at the show who was able to help Rolex. By night time he was mending.

That night I attended the awards banquet and was able to spend most of the night chatting with the president of ESRA and her crew. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, I think. We were able to trade stories and thoughts on rescue. We were joined by a prominent breeder from Pennsylvania who chimed her support of ESSCLI-Rescue. When the roll call of clubs was called, I was so glad I was there to represent our English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island.

Sunday morning we started the long trip back to Maine, once again staying over in Harrisburg, where we were greeted by the people who had been there the week before to strains of “You’re back!!!!!!!!, did you win?” It was cute!

Monday should have been an uneventful trip home to Maine, but it was now Whitney’s turn to catch the bug. We made it home, but there were a few stops on the way to clean out her crate, if you get my drift.

After a week everyone is feeling fine again. We are staying home for a while, but we will see you all in Secaucus in February.


On June 22 & 23, 2007, ESSCLI – Rescue manned a boutique table at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Specialties in Warwick, Rhode Island. A number of people from our organization helped staff the table throughout the weekend, helping to make it a very successful event. Our new denim rescue apron made its debut there along with our new baseball cap, mousepad and sports bottle. All were a big success. You can now see and purchase all this new “stuff” on the boutique page of this website.

Showing their support for rescue (and doing double duty at the Eastern raffle table) were Beckie Hansell and daughter, Abbie Hansell, of Ambler, and Carol Ziegler of Huntingdon Valley, PA accompanied by Penny; Jim LaMarque and Whoppa of North Yarmouth, Maine; Diane and Doug Richardson and Guinness from New Jersey (always there to support us!); Kristen, Kate and Alex Griese, along with Dooley from Maine, Liz Spagnuolo from Long Island who brought Alex and Gypsy, Julie Ruth and Helene Rosenblatt of Connecticut, and Winkie and Dutch Kuyk, with Sherlock from Western Massachusetts. Hopefully we haven’t missed anyone. If so, you know who you are and hopefully you know you are appreciated! Oh wait… Marge Silverthorn made a guest appearance on Saturday, attempting to surprise us all!

Whoppa Gillespie of Bordeaux, Maine’s rescue representative, was the grand marshal for the first annual parade(s) of rescue at Eastern. Whoppa’s mom is Nanci LaMarque, our adoption/surrender coordinator. Two rescue parades were held – one on Friday and one on Saturday. After a couple of delays and some technical problems, over 25 springers from both ESSCLI-Rescue and NEEESR participated like “Champions”! We could NOT have been more proud of our crew. What a delight! They were treated to certificates signed by Marge Silverthorn, President of ESSCLI-Rescue, Paul Schmidt, President of NEEESR, Larry Schuster, outgoing president of EESSC and James (yes, that’s James of Westminster fame), a booklet with all the participants’ stories and pictures, a GORGEOUS rosette and a bucket of goodies. Group and individual photos were taken on Saturday as mementos of the occasion. Click here to see our Rescue Parade slide show.

Also honored was Cynthia Gilliland’s Charles. Charles was the most titled adopted rescue dog in ESSCLI-Rescue’s history. He passed away just before the parade but we honored him in memoriam.

All in all, it was a delightful event with primarily delightful weather. A great chance for many rescue people to get together and bond (dogs too!) Hopefully we will do it again and many more can participate!

We thank you all for helping out… this has recently become an annual event and the bigger it has gotten, the more help we have needed. You all helped make the weekend fun and profitable for rescue. Thanks!

I had intended to write a lot more for this section this time, but this Valentine’s Day, I was sent this wonderful poem and felt that I needed to make this my contribution. This goes out to the late great, Charm, to Bucky, Jewel, Alden, Mackie, Dylan, Buddy, Sam Shepard, Zac, the infamous Milo, DW, Beau, my beloved Allie (who almost left, but we couldn’t do it) and everyone’s favorite Whoppa (whom I would NEVER give up!) And I bet I forgot somebody too, but they are all in my heart, just like the rest of you who foster. This says it all! Thank you to all our volunteers, no matter what you do… without you, our world of rescue would be nothing!









There I sat, alone and afraid,
You got a call and came to my aid.
You bundled me up with blankets and love.
And, when I needed it most, you gave me a hug.

I learned that the world was not all scary and cold,
That sometimes there is someone to have and to hold.
You taught me what love is, you helped me to mend,
You loved me and helped me and became my good friend.

And just when I thought you’d done all you do,
There came along not one new lesson, but two.
First you said, “Sweetheart, you’re ready to go,
I’ve done all I can, and you’ve learned all I know.”

Then you bundled me up with a blanket and kiss,
And along came a new family– oh what a bliss.
They took me to their home, forever to stay.

At first I thought you had sent me away,
Then that second lesson became perfectly clear;
No matter how far, you will always be near.

And so, foster mom, you know I’ve moved on,
I have a new home, with toys and a lawn.
But I’ll never forget what I learned that first day–
You never really give your fosters away.

You gave me these thoughts to remember you by,
We may never meet again, and now I know why–
You’ll remember I lived with you for a short time,
I may not be yours, but you’ll always be mine.

Oliver, Bucky, Sam, Zachary, Whoppa, DW

ESSCLI-Rescue has received a total of almost $1,000.00 in the past from the iGive.com website. Won’t you please go to the iGive site at www.igive.com and join, be sure to choose English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island-Rescue, as your cause. Then shop at the almost 700 stores listed and a percentage of your spending will be given to our Rescue Fund.

Maryellen and Fred, Senior Saviors

Friar Tuck’s owner in Maine was moved to assisted living. Friar Tuck was bereft. He also was elderly, so he was in danger of being put down. That was when I first met Fred Pheiffer face-to-face. We rendezvoused in Concord, NH, and with tears in his eyes Fred took old Tuck home to Maryellen. But it was not my first contact with the Pheiffers.

Their first rescue springer, Fallon, had been running stray in Albany and landed in the Mohawk/Hudson Animal Shelter. He had many ailments, and Maryellen and Fred drove him all the way to Springfield to be doctored by experts. He lived for seven more years! Just as he died, Rescue heard of a Senior who was slated to be put down in the Atlantic City Animal Shelter. Brandon was very old, frail, and totally deaf. Fred sped to Atlantic City and sprung him loose. Maryellen called him Widget because he was so tiny and always wiggled when he saw her. They put a bell on his collar so they could always find him. Widget only lived four more months, but how he lived!

Friar Tuck followed Widget; then came Sam. Sam was soon diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in his nose and given 3 or 4 months at the most. Again, the Pheiffer mobile went to the experts at Rowley in Springfield. This time persistent care gave him 18 months of loving life. The Pheiffers say he was “the most loving, devoted dog they have ever had the privilege to know.”

Maryellen rescues horses as well as dogs. Her horses are off-the-track thoroughbreds doomed for the Amish slaughter auction in Pennsylvania and other horses at risk of being sold for meat. To help with our rescues, she does the telephone interviews with applicants from New York state. Maryellen and Fred are a very special pair. When a dog in their area needs babysitting, they are there, when I need some research, they are there. When we need a transport, they are there.

Friar Tuck and friends

Fred is an especially busy member of our “underground railroad” transport team. My favorite story of Fred making a “dog delivery” is what I think was his first. He delivered TWO dogs to my husband’s cousin who lived in Rochester at the time. She had offered to help deliver them to their forever home way out there in NY state some place. Anyway… Fred stopped at a rest stop so the pair could get out and relieve themselves and realized he didn’t have two leashes. So he took off his belt for the second one. The mental picture is truly delightful. All three wizzing with Fred’s pants falling down in the dead of an upstate NY winter!

Fred and Bosco

Fred, our “poet laureate,” had dedicated a poem to Maryellen’s rescue work. He calls the poem by the name of their refuge, “The Last Stop.” Here are its final lines:

Forgotten horses and castoff dogs
stand silently at her side.

Voicing soothing words
she tells each one
to have no fears
this is their new home
they will never have to leave

this is the Last Stop.

The Gravy


Recently a number of our special Springers have been in newspaper articles, magazines and on some websites. So, we have decided to give these celebrity Springers their own section.

Click on the picture to read each dog’s article.

We are very proud of our canine stars and we hope you are too!

Blaise and his mom write about therapy work.

Blaise was the headliner for his new mom’s article about therapy dog work. Blaise’s mom is Becky Stowe and she wrote this article for Our Town a local quarterly newspaper in New York State.

Reggie — our very own “Cover Boy”.
Reggie’s mom is our own Joy Sarnelli, the story was written by none other than our part-time foster mom, Vera Lawlor. And if I am not mistaken, Vera’s husband, Tom was the photographer.
Oscar (formerly Fleche) OSCAR (formerly Fleche) SHOWS OFF FOR “PEOPLE”
When asked to join in a photo shoot for People Magazine, Oscar didn’t have much trouble convincing his parents the Peims to give him a lift!
Winston makes us all proud
Winston and his mom Susan Hamann make us proud helping out at a local nursing home

Savannah Is Gone
Ellen and Anthony Palumbo

The first Savannah is gone. The dog who lives here now looks a lot like her but is an entirely different dog.

We’d just lost our beloved black-and-white male, Buddy, and were browsing the Springer Spaniel Rescue web-pages for a black-and-white male who could touch our hearts. Up popped a five-year-old liver-and-white female, who was skittish, shy, dangerously aggressive and needing an immediate foster home. Who could resist?

Her owner even offered to deliver her next day. Savannah wouldn’t get out of the car, pooped on our rug, and took to us immediately. When we met people or other dogs she had a cute trick of twisting out of her collar and high-tailing it for home.

Still, she had good house manners, when not stressed, and obedience training, for which I thank her first family every day. We exercised on a long lead and did obedience work, with a lot of positive reinforcement and, yes, sometimes food rewards. (Do I know the way to a springer’s heart!) Gradually, Savannah came to trust us and seek our company instead of a den. We couldn’t give up this dog who bounds to us so willingly when called, plays so joyously off lead, and contentedly sits by our side.

Then came the invasion! Every summer our three oldest granddaughters take Junior Sailing at our local club. Savannah just about decided they were an O.K. source of ear-rubs and treats when the next wave hit: my daughter and her not-too-welcome border collie (Intimidations ‘R’ Us) and her bichon-frisse.

I’m so proud of our girl! She’s tolerated the invasion. (I find them a little stressful at times myself.) We walk all the dogs together and feed them all at the same time. If she and the border collie won’t ever be best buds, they are willing to live together.

The first Savannah is gone, and this new Savannah has come a long way.



Timo has qualified as a pet therapy dog and will be participating in a program at University Hospital in New Jersey. All of us here at ESSCLI-Rescue are very proud of him and can’t wait to see how he does. You can read all about Timo on our “Heartwarming Rescue Stories” page.

English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island – Rescue is proud to recognize our latest official therapy dog… Blaise.

Blaise is proudly presented by his new guardian, Becky Stowe. Here he is at his graduation ceremony from Good Dog School. We wish him well and hope that he enjoys his new job as much as his new Mom enjoys him. His new sister, Emma is also very proud!

A note from Kathleen Savolt: (Oct.24, 2006)

We adopted Dewey (aka Sebastian) in May from a family in NJ. Here’s a cute photo of Dewey taking over the kayak this summer. He has great balance but is luckily an excellent swimmer.

He’s doing great and we love having him as part of the family!

Dewey was adopted May 13, 2006

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