Consider Adopting an English Springer Spaniel!

Right now we have a number of English Springer Spaniels in need of loving homes! Ready to adopt a Springer? We have an online adoption form. (We also have an online surrender form if you need to surrender a Springer.) If you’re unable to adopt at the moment, perhaps you could help support our rescue efforts by purchasing something from our boutique or making a donation. All funds go straight to our springers in need.

English Springer Spaniels are a medium-sized sporting breed with a docked tail. They are highly intelligent, active, and people-oriented, making the Springer an ideal companion for people in settings from urban to rural. Springers are extremely affectionate, loyal dogs and require daily attention from their human companions. To learn more about English Springer Spaniels, we invite you to visit our Information and FAQ page.

Advantages of Adoption

Would you like to own a puppy? Often prospective dog-owners are drawn in by the “cuteness” of a puppy, not realizing all the work that accompanies puppy ownership. The time and energy needed for cleaning up messes, obedience training, housebreaking, exercising, etc. can sometimes overwhelm even the most patient dog owner. Many of our adoptive families have realized the wisdom of adopting an older dog.

We believe that there are several major advantages of adopting one of our dogs:

  • Many of our dogs may live with one of our experienced foster families for a period of time until we have formed an opinion as to whether a particular dog is right for your family.
  • We have a principle: Once a rescue dog, always a rescue dog. That is, you can return a dog to us at any time if it becomes unsuitable for your situation.
  • There is no fee. We pay all medical and fostering costs until the dog is yours (although you will be asked for a donation).
  • All are purebred (as far as we can tell) English Springer Spaniels.
  • All are neutered or spayed.